No Water


If you have no water, the first thing to do is to check that your water meter has not been turned off.

Next, check whether you have paid all your bills and that they are up to date.

No Hot Water

First check:

  • Is your water supply working?
    If you have cold water, but no hot water, you should first check your hot water heater to see if it is working.

Power Failures / No Power

First, you should check if:

  • Is it a power outage?
    The most common source of power loss is an actual power outage check with your neighbours or contact KPLC directly to see if there is a fault in your area.
  • Is it a safety switch being tripped?
    The second most common source of power loss is a tripped safety switch. Check your electricity meter if your safety switch is 'off', it has been triggered and needs to be turned back to 'on' to regain power. If it trips again, the cause may be a faulty electrical appliance. Systematically turn off all your appliances, including fridges, dishwashers, electric stoves and washing machines, and repeat turning on your safety switch to determine the faulty appliance.

If you still are unable to determine the cause you will need to contact your Carlton New property manager who will organise for a licensed electrician to attend the premises.

Water Leaks

For all water leaks, please contact your Carlton New property manager. If you have a major water leak you should locate your water meter and turn the water off to avoid further damage.

Storms and Natural Disaster Damage

For all damage resulting from a natural disaster or storm, contact your Carlton New property manager. Additionally, you may need to contact Emergency Services on 999 for assistance from your local police, fire or ambulance service.