Promoting your property is an essential part of achieving a successful sale. At Carlton Realtors, we are experts at marketing properties to achieve the best outcome. Methods such as internet, signboard, local marketing, and newspaper advertising all play an important role in spreading the word about your property and garnering healthy competition among buyers.

Each of these avenues comes with a cost that must be factored into your overall advertising budget. You will generally be required to pay a commission to your real estate agent on top of advertising fees. This is due to the fact that when a real estate agent undertakes the task of selling your property, it brings expertise, negotiation skills and advice that can significantly contribute to a higher selling price and complement the marketing efforts.

What Is the Importance of Marketing?

Marketing is essential as it helps us reach and connect with our target audience and ultimately is how we grow our business in the long run.

But it is one thing to market your property without any direction, and it is another thing to market your property with a clear plan. The results are quite different and that is where a marketing strategy comes into play.

Our team will sit down and analyse your property, coming up with strong sales points that will help them formulate a good marketing plan that will ensure your property will be sold fast and at best price when listed.