Our leadership team comprises of the Executive Team and the Management Team in Kenya and in Australia. Together they bear diverse expertise bringing together strong leadership, in-depth industry knowledge, and extensive experience. Their values, creative ideas, and innovation are the main contributors of our business success.

Executive Team

Edwin Too 

Chief Executive Officer (Australia)

Edwin Too, is an enthusiastic and an autonomous finance and accounting specialist with an outstanding track record in leadership and management, He has vast knowledge and experience in variety of businesses including the real estate industry in both primary and secondary markets. He has been passionate and in the fore front of devising new business models through researching on our key Performance indicators (KPIs) and implementing them and as a result making the company scalable. He has a great network and accessibility to the leading developers and key players in the industry.

Alfred Too

General Manager (Kenya)

Alfred Too is a leading real estate professional with a proven track record in project management and delivery. He has experience of over 10 years in planning and budgeting and has an outstanding organizational and leadership skills. His Knowledge of business processes and functionality has contributed immensely to the success and growth of the Company.