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Benefits of Hiring Carlton Realtors as Your Property Management Company

1. Better screening for tenants

Many people who own rental homes assume that they can handle their property management themselves. This is sometimes true; however, we have the resources and the experience to screen tenants. This leads to higher quality tenants who stay on the property longer, pay rent more reliably, and create less damage.

2. Fewer legal worries.

Do you know every Kenyan law that applies to your home and your tenants? Most home owners don’t! However, we are a registered professional property management agency in Kenya. It’s our job to make sure every dotted line and every legal footnote are followed to the letter. Not knowing the laws inside and out can leave you wide open for costly lawsuits and other legal issues. Just one lawsuit will cost more than decades of property management fees.

3. Less vacancy.

We know how to get a home rented and keep it rented as long as possible. From determining a fair price to charge to blanketing local publications with ads, there are many ways that we keep your home occupied and rent coming in.

4. Distance between tenant and owner.

Managing tenants sometimes means making hard decisions, whether to accept late rent without a fee, for example. Dishonest people try to take advantage of property owners in a variety of ways. Some will play on your natural sympathy and concern for others. A property management company has the benefit of being viewed and treated as a professional entity. That means fewer excuses and more rent paid on time.

5. Better and cheaper maintenance of your property.

It’s easy to forget about the details of home maintenance when you don’t live in the home. Our property managers take care of the little touch ups that prevent larger problems in the long run. In addition, property managers usually get significant discounts from contractors and maintenance workers because of the volume of services that they use.

6. Protection from scams

There are many rental scams that take advantage of inexperienced property owners. In addition, some people will pretend to be a rental applicant only to sue for discrimination when rejected for legitimate reasons. Property management companies have a consistent application process that has been approved by lawyers, thus weeding out people who want to make money off of an inexperienced landlord.

7. No dealing with evictions.

Evictions can be a long and frustrating process. A professional property manager knows how to screen for people who are likely to need an eviction. If one ‘professional tenant’ falls through the cracks, professionals also know how to get them safely and legally removed from the home as quickly and painlessly as possible. In short, we can make your life easier and even save your money in the long run.