Carlton Realtors has outlined a truly clear and transparent property buying process. This to help you prepare for your purchase by helping you familiarise with the process. As we advise, make sure to first hire a lawyer or a realtor to guide you through the process. If you are not paying the full amount outright, i.e., you would require a financing like mortgage, plan and get pre-approved before beginning the process. You can contact financial lending institutions, or you can visit our team at Carlton Realtors who can help you with the mortgage process.

1. Begin Searching for Properties

After securing your finances and completing all the necessary paperwork and loan information, it is time to find the perfect property. Carlton Realtors has one of the most comprehensive listings of properties in Kenya and will be perfect place to start your search.

2. Enter Negotiations Regarding the Purchase Price

After finding and identifying a property that meets your purchasing criteria, the negotiation process begins. The nature of such negotiations will differ, as different regions experience variances in demand. Throughout these negotiations, you will have access to all the important contractual information. Your conveyancer or solicitor will give you an overview of the contract, ensure that everything is perfect before signing. Should any additional provisions or conditions be required, this is when the paperwork will be amended.

3. Complete the Contract Exchange and Pay the Deposit & Finalise the Loan Approval for (mortgage-purchasing buyers).

For the mortgage-purchasing buyers, though you have been pre-approved for your property mortgage amount, there is still a finalisation that must occur. It will be essential to forward the sale contract to the mortgage provider. Once the loan has been formally approved and your lawyer has given you full approval to move forward, you can exchange contracts with the property realtor/agent. A deposit is generally required, and there is no set standard to the amount. Once the contracts have been exchanged, the process is nearing the point of completion.

4. Finalise Necessary Arrangements & Settlement

This is the final phase of the process and includes the exchange of the property's ownership. For buyers making outright purchases, your new property keys will be handed to you by the realtor after the payment has been made and facilitated by the lawyer. All your legal documentation and title will also be handed over to you for easy title transfer process. For mortgage purchasing buyers, consult with your mortgage provider or lawyer to get any clarification should it be necessary. Legal advice is always recommended, and you have the right to seek it. Your mortgage provider and lawyer will handle all the proceedings, so your presence is not necessary. The real estate agent will have your new property keys and the title to the property will be held by your lending institution.

Property Purchasing Costs

When you purchase a property, there are various costs associated in addition to the property's purchasing price. Fees to be considered are:


Legal Fees

Loan Establishment Fees.

Stamp Duty (Government taxes)

Property Inspection.

Buyer's Agent Fee.


Insurance, council rates, utility adjustments, etc

Your lawyer can generate a breakdown of the various fees associated with the purchase of your new property.