At Carlton Realtors we believe in delivering quality service in the shortest time possible. While dealing with projects, we understand that proper marketing is the key to achieving fast results. This is the reason why we have put in place a proper plan and road map to achieving this. We help our developers and sellers get value for there money by fast and quality service delivery.

Our clients’ benefits from our marketing plan include:

increased rates of sale.

Reduced sale periods.

More cost-effective campaigns.

Reduced project risk.


      Our project marketing plan.

High-quality 3D Renders

At Carlton Realtors, we understand the importance of creating a good impression in any project. We will organise and provide a high-quality 3D full render set for your project. Renders are not cheap, especially quality ones but make no mistake, they sell. It really is that simple. It is these renders that filter through the entire marketing campaign and play a huge part in building confidence with the buyers. Most developers normally have these renders but if not, we work together to create the best available.

Custom Marketing Brochure

The second step is to take your new killer render-set and build out a professional development specific custom marketing brochure. We work hard to make sure our brochures are professionally designed, printed on the best stock and are full of valuable information about the development. These brochures are an opportunity to show the buyers the level at which you operate and to position your development as the best development.

Mood Boards

At Carlton Realtors, we like to appeal to our buyer’s touch and feel senses by creating either mood boards or mood trays which become more marketing collateral for our agents to leverage. It gives us another opportunity to position ourselves as the you are. For us, we prefer mood trays. It is just our personal preference as we put a lot of value on the buyers having the ability to pick up and hold the different fixtures and fittings etc.

Onsite Marketing Banner

Next step is all about big bold marketing banners for out onsite. For all our development sites, At the most prominent spot possible, we design a custom banner to suit leveraging on the renderings. Buyers being able to see the project rise out of the ground and come to life directly behind a nice crisp render impression of the project if done correctly is a sight to behold. In our view, these gets the buyers excited and gives them great confidence.

Live Project Blog Post

Maintaining a live blog post for your residential development project is the next level that we at Carlton Realtors can take your marketing plan. The live blog post will become a central hub for your project. It is where agents can send potential buyers to follow along with the project’s process. We regularly include images and construction updates from out onsite. And anything else you can think of related to the project that can add value and give confidence to your potential buyers. We believe it is all about being transparent and being on the front foot from beginning to end.

At Carlton Realtors, we are always looking and open to partner with property developers and mutually benefit from the partnership achieving the intended goals. If you are a property developer, real estate company, realtor or an individual looking to partner and leverage from our East African region client base and expertise, please contact us on [email protected] or fill the form below for further discussions of a possible partnership.